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About collaboration and sharing knowledge about ours school system in Norway and Sweden. Ingrid Christiansen, state president in Norway called me many

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About collaboration and sharing knowledge about ours school system in Norway and Sweden.

Ingrid Christiansen, state president in Norway called me many weeks ago and asked me what I thought about the idea to invite us from Sweden for a thematic meeting about our countries school system. Absolute, I said, and also promised to give a presentation about the Swedish school system. After this agreement Norway mailed a public invitation to all Delta chapter in Sweden which was published on our website and also mailed to all chapter chair.

Saturday 15th of March the event took place at a very beautiful place; Henie Onstad art center in Baerum, half an hour by bus from Oslo centrum. About 30 Delta sisters from different chapters came to this event. From Sweden we were seven and some had cancelled shortly before. Of course we had wished many more from Sweden to come but a few is better than none. DKG in Norway had organized this thematic event in a very professional way. Not only the place but also the whole day as started with welcoming by Ingrid C. state president. Followed by a presentation about the Swedish school system made by me, Ann-Katrin. My presentation covered the school system from preschool and up to university level. The different ages and grades were highlighted as well as what opportunities student have after the compulsory school and after upper secondary school. A picture was also given about how we work with special education and about the last PISA-results.

After this 1.5 hour of presentation and some questions we had an interesting presentation about Norwegian school system made by Borghild Lindhjem-Godal, director of one section at the National Department of Education in Norway. We learned a lot about the school system, about their good results in the latest PISA. We also heard about the “ongoing” discussion of copying Swedish private schools and we from Sweden said: don’t do that, we have failed in many ways the last year with this system. Norway has improved in reading because the government and researchers worked with this issue but still they as we in Sweden must work more how to improve in mathematics. That is a problem in many countries today. In Norway they have more of inclusive education then in Sweden. In Sweden we have special classes for students with intellectual disabilities and adaptive difficulties but parents can choose mainstream classes. In Norway they don’t have special classes in the same way. Students can be placed in smaller groups but must always be connected to their mainstream class. Therefore special education or as I prefer to say, inclusive education have different forms and shapes in our countries.

The presentation continued with discussion and question about PISA and about to handle the amount of children with many different languages in schools. We also discussed differences and similarities between our school systems. Very interesting! Lunch, also well organized and after that a guided tour among all contemporary arts, rooted in what tragic terrorist attacks against the government, the civilian population and a workers’ youth league (AUF) summer
camp on 22 July 2011, claiming a total of 77 lives at Utøya 2011. The guide was very clever and her presentation together with the pieces of arts gave all of us a lot to think about. It was still in my body and feelings many days after and will never go away. We need to be more aware about what happen in the society today.

After this lovely day everyone from Sweden stayed, except me, and went to the opera together with many of the Norwegian sisters. Sorry to say, I had to go back to Gothenburg the same afternoon due to the lecturing I was invited to give in Belgium the week after. By the way, they saw and enjoyed the ballet Onegin. Oslo has a very beautiful opera house as many of us remembered from the European Region Conference some years ago. As state president of Sweden I can only say: thank you to all of our sisters in Norway for this initiative. A special thanks to Ingrid, Oddny (who’s idea it was) and Björg. To collaborate and unit women over the border is one of DKG:s purpose. You fulfilled this and we from Sweden will of course continue with collaboration. Therefore we invite you to come and celebrate our 40 years as member state of DKG. The celebration will take place in Malmö, Saturday 4th October 2014 with a start on Friday 3rd evening. Our international president Beverly Helms will enjoy us and we hope that you from Norway also will. The theme of this celebration is sustainable environment. An invitation will be sent to Ingrid and she will distribute it to all of your chapter and members. Perhaps other countries in Europe also will enjoy us. If, you are all welcome and we try to have more presentations in English but that is not decided yet.
Ann-Katrin Swärd, state president of DKG in Sweden.

There are pictures from this meeting in our photos!

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