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Visit from the Netherland to Chapter My in Linköping, Sweden On Sunday evening, the second of May, 2010, six happy Deltas from Epsilon Chapter in the

From Netherland to Sweden

Visit from the Netherland to Chapter My in Linköping, Sweden

On Sunday evening, the second of May, 2010, six happy Deltas from Epsilon Chapter in the Netherlands arrived at a chilly Linköping. It was Ria Steenbergen, Coby van Klaveren, Trijny Schmitz du Moulin, Janni Kisteman, Elise Boltjesoch and Anje Noorman who came to get to know us in My Chapter and to learn something about Linköping.
We had fixed a full program with history and culture in Linköping, a presentation of the school system in Linköping and several study visits at different schools in the city.

On Monday morning our Dutch guests were guided by three My Deltas in the open-air museum Gamla Linköping, where several century old buildings have been moved from the city center. Instead of being demolished they have been renovated and make up an old town where tourists and citizens can enjoy the nice surroundings with many craft shops. Lunch was eaten at the inn at Gamla Linköping.
In the afternoon, adult education in Sweden was dealt with. In the educational association              Medborgarskolan Lillian Bergholtz presented the pedagogy, attitudes and values within folk high-schools and educational associations. During the hour long visit there was time to look at both the financing and organization while also having time to talk about the target groups for adult education. It was rather quiet in the premises during the gap between day and evening courses but we met a group of mothers with babies who were attending a cooking course – and could establish the fact that adult education reaches all ages!
After a pause with afternoon tea at Kerstin Nilsson’s, we listened to a presentation about Linköping in the old days and then went along on a historical walk through the city center together with exchange students from the university.

Tuesday was spent entirely on school visits. At Kungsberg School our Dutch guests first received information about the Language Workshop. Linda Castell, who started this activity, gave the presentation. The Language Workshop helps immigrant students with several subjects in their mother tongue. So for example an Arabic speaking student would get help with chemistry in Arabic. This has shown to give good results and for certain students, especially for Romany children, it has meant better attendance at school in general since teachers can help them and encourage them in many different ways. After this the guests could take part in a lesson in the Language Workshop – a Kurdish student was taught by his teacher Mahabad while six teachers watched! The afternoon finished in the school’s newly refurbished library.
Lunch on Tuesday consisted of an usual Swedish school lunch at Berzelius School and afterwards our guests participated in a distinguished visit by the popular writer Douglas Foley, who spoke about his life and his writing career in a humorous way. Then our guests took part in woodworking, English and German lessons in the seventh and eighth grades. The students really appreciated the visit since they got the chance to communicate in both German and English with our guests.
The full packed Tuesday finished with a stroll in the City Gardens together with Britta Holmberg and Kerstin Lennerbrant. The impressive view of the city from Belvederen was enjoyed and then we had hot chocolate in the glass pyramid restaurant.  

Wednesday morning was spent visiting another school. This time it was Skäggetorp School where approximately 80% of the students have different ethnic backgrounds. Here we had discussions about special education, gum-chewing during biology labs, ad research during home economics and reading aloud from Astrid Lindgren’s “Emil I Lönneberga” for newly arrived pupils from Somalia!
After the visit at the school, we made a visit to the university where different buildings and outdoor surroundings were studied. The next stop was the Language Pedagogical Centrum which is housed in the city’s fine library. There we discussed what reading and writing difficulties can imply in the school world, not only for the pupil but also for the teacher’s way of teaching. The importance of the early discovery of those students who risk developing such difficulties was stressed by everyone and many of us could bear witness to having met these students.
In the evenings we had pleasant dinners which we My members had arranged. For example Ingela Delby served a delicious fish stew with good drinks and on the last evening Britta Holmberg and Eva Lönnefelt had fixed a very nice dinner where several My members also partook.
Delta Kappa Gamma gives fantastic opportunities to establish close contacts with colleagues in other countries. If you just take the initiative most plans can be realized. The pedagogical exchange on a personal level is very valuable and this time we could acquaint ourselves with a method for teaching mathematics. It was Elise Boltjes, teacher at a Pedagogical Academy, who gave us her article and a lengthy essay.
Now we My members have a standing invitation to visit Epsilon in Holland. You can be sure that we will be traveling there one day soon!

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