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Great Britain, Kathrin Hodgson, and she has been voted as Chair.Estonia, Liilia ObergFinland, Iida HyvönenGermany, Daniela von Essen Iceland, Kristín

European Forum Committee 2016-2018

Great Britain, Kathrin Hodgson, and she has been voted as Chair.
Estonia, Liilia Oberg
Finland, Iida Hyvönen
Germany, Daniela von Essen 
Iceland, Kristín Jónsdóttir
Norway, Anne Solstad
Sweden, Ann-Katrin Swärd 
The Netherlands, Ria Logtenberg

The Regional Director is Bjørg Nakling from Norway.

 European Forum Committe 2014-2016 

Great Britain, Diana Bell
Estonia, Liilia Oberg
Finland, Heli Piikkilä
Germany, Dagmar Ullmann
Iceland, Kristrún Ísaksdóttir
Norway, Ingrid Christiansen
Sweden, Ingrid Sternquist, and she has been voted as Chair.
The Netherlands, Riet Smits-Hoenderken,

The Regional Director was Marianne Scardeus  from Sweden.

European Forum Committe 2012-2014 

Ingibjörg Jónasdóttir, Iceland, ij[@] (Chair),
Heli Piikkilä, Finland, heli.piikkila[@]
Kamini Nielsen, Denmark, kamini_nielsen[@],
Anu Ariste, Estonia, anu.ariste[@]
Dagmar Ullman, Germany, dagmanr.ullmann[@],
Sheila Roberts, England, saroberts123[@]
Riet Smits-Hoenederken, Netherland, mwsmits[@]
Oddny Damsgaard and Ingrid Cristiansen, Norway, oddny.damsgaard[@]
Catherine Bringselius Nilsson, Sweden, cbringselius[@]

The Regional Director was Marika Heimbach from Germany.

The theme for the biennium 2012-2014 was: Sharing our Vision : Strengthening our Society

European Forum Committe 2012-2014 

From left: Oddny Damsgaard from Norway,
Kate York representing Sheila Roberts from Britain,
Catherine Bringselius Nilson from Sweden,
Anu Ariste from Estonia,
Ingibjörg Jónasdóttir Chair from Iceland,
Riet Smits-Hoenderken from The Netherlands,
Kamini Nielsen from Denmark,
Heli Piikkilä from Finland and
Dagmar Ullmann from Germany.

The European Forum Committee met in Rastede the first weekend in November. We were welcomed by the DKG chapter in Rastede and we thank Marika our Regional Director and Dagmar Ullman our German member in the committee for planning a superb venue for the meeting. They, along with other members of their chapter, welcomed us and gave us inspiration to keep on working for the European Region. The committee discussed the Operational Guidelines, the SAP including finance, membership and communication. We started organizing our meeting 2014 in Indianapolis and talked about our future and the crossroads we are constantly facing.
The discussions will carry on in the countries and on our website. The minutes will be put on the website as soon as they have been finished and we will inform you accordingly.

European Representatives, European Forum Committee 2010-2012:

Eija Paukkuri, Finland, eijapaukkuri [@] (Chair)
Ruth Hjorth-Nielsen, Denmark, hjorth-nielsen[@]
Anu Ariste, Estonia, anu.ariste[@]
Christa Dunker-Hopferwieser, Germany, christa.dunker-hopferwieser[@]
Diane Billam, Great Britain, dbillam[@]
Ingibjörg Jónasdóttir, Iceland, ij[@]
Vivian Repko, The Netherlands vivianrepko[@] (Treasurer)
Metta Heiberg, Norway, mettehei[@]
Catherine Bringselius Nilsson, Sweden, cbringselius[@]

The Regional Director was Kate York (GB).

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