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Dr. Sigrún Klara Hannesdóttir honoured at the Icelandic State Convention 25.05.2015
Joan Carroll, our Euforia Newsletter editor awarded 22.05.2015
Germany has got a new website 27.04.2015
Iceland Spring Conference 2015 21.04.2015
State Conventions 2015 11.02.2015
Do you plan to be a part of the Info Fair in Borås next summer? 28.01.2015
Januari 7, 2015 - Special Sunday 26.01.2015
Happy new year from the EU Forum Chair! 26.01.2015
A website with information about the Regional Conference in Sweden next summer 07.01.2015
Do you want to give a presentation at a regional conference next summer? 05.01.2015
The Siwa project 15.12.2014
Have you subscribed to our mailing list? 05.11.2014
First meeting of the new European Forum Committee 05.11.2014
European Forum Minutes and Word of Inspiration 04.11.2014
New Euforia 14.10.2014
European members serving on International Committee 09.09.2014
European Forum meeting in Indianapolis 2014 25.07.2014
Executive director search announced 25.07.2014
Live stream from Indianapolis 25.07.2014
Sad news from Great Britain 25.07.2014
The new European Forum Committee for the next biennium 2014–2016 07.07.2014
Facebook Group 01.07.2014
EuForia June 2014 03.06.2014
Spring Conference in Iceland 25.05.2014
Spring Convention in Iceland 03.05.2014
State Convention in The Netherlands 25.04.2014
Summary from State Conferences 22.04.2014
New songs for DKG 13.04.2014
Temamøte i Bærum Norway 07.04.2014
Recommended Websites and Apps for Educators 03.04.2014

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