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Welcome to DKG European Forum website

The European Forum represents the eight European States/Countries of Delta Kappa Gamma in Europe.

DKG is a unique Society of Key Women educators with a little more than 90,000 members in eighteen countries (eight in Europe) promoting the professional and personal growth of members and excellence in education.
Our Society is a philanthropic organisation with seven main purposes that reflect genuine spiritual fellowship and shared pursuit of common interests, goals and ideals. We are committed to serving women educators and education through the many benefits, services, and resources provided to members and non-members.

Delta Kappa Gamma operates at three closely integrated levels; local, national and international. We have four forums: the Canadian, European, Latin American and United States Forums. The European Forum is the youngest, with eight countries, and eight different languages, cultures, school systems and history. All photos on our webpages are published with permission from the photographers.

Latest news

Report from Forum meeting

The European Forum meeting this autumn was in Norway last 4th–6th November.  Read more

Euforia is now on our European Forum web

The autumn Euforia 2016 is now on our web. Read more

More files and presentations from the European Breakfast in Nashville

There are now more files and presentations from the European Breakfast in Nashville on our web 

Read more

Information about the European Breakfast in Nashville

There are information about the European Breakfast in Nashville (Friday July 8, 2016. 7.30 am–9.30 am) Read more

Tributes to Dorothy Haley

As mentioned before Dorothy Haley passed  away on 30th May 2016. Tributes to this amazing member of DKG 
Read more

Dorothy Haley has passed away

Our beloved Dorothy Haley, former State president in Great Britain, passed away in her sleep just before midnight yesterday. 

Read more

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